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January 8, 2009

Screensaver Software:

You might wonder: Why don't we include screensaver software with our collections? Windows operating systems commonly in use include screensaver modules that will display pictures. (Windows XP includes 'Photos' and Windows Live Photo Gallery.' Previous Windows versions also included a slide show type screensaver.) All the user needs to do is copy the image files to a directory on the hard drive and configure the settings of the screensaver module to point to that directory. If the features of these are not to your liking, nicely featured slide show screensaver modules are available for various operating systems for under $15, some even as freeware, on the Internet. An additional complication is that slide show screensavers that work on Windows XP might or might not work on Windows Vista and vice versa. Therefore we focus on quality images, not software.

License Terms:

Thank you for your interest in the Sedona Stock Images disks of Arizona shots for non-commercial use as Screensavers and Wallpapers.  Your license comes with certain restrictions on the use of our copyright images. This document will describe these restrictions.  In brief, you may not use any of these images for commercial use.

Your image license allows you to use the images on this disk for your personal use.  So you may use these images as wallpaper backgrounds or for use in a slideshow type screensaver for up to three family computers.  (Slideshow screensavers are included with Windows operating systems, and additional ones are available on the Internet for download at minimal cost.)

You may not:

1)  Upload any of these images to web sites or display any of these images on web sites that you own or manage.

2)  Make any copies of this disk except for personal backup purpose.

3)  Distribute any of these images to others, whether via email, FTP, or any other means.

4)  Make any commercial or business use of any of these images.

            a.  You may not use any of these images on web sites as noted above.

            b.  You may not use any of these images in printed format, such as brochures, magazines, or books.

            c.  You may not apply these images to products for sale.

For licenses that permit web site, commercial or business use, please contact us via email to:


Thank you for respecting our copyrights.


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